Mokran korean restaurant

Becoming widely known for their stunning yet authentic Korean cuisine alongside international favorites, MokRan is a hidden gem. With their philosophy for ‘meeting the customers needs’,
The MokRan now offer a stunning new restaurant serving high-class Korean cuisine within an elegant setting.



MokRan Korean Restaurant – Authentic Korean Dining Experience at Lake Mabprachan

Authenticity is not just something we strive for, as it cannot be easily attained. You either have it or you don’t – it’s that simple. You are either real or not! For the most authentic Korean dining experience in the Pattaya region, you need to make that special pilgrimage to the MokRan Korean Restaurant, located within the grounds of the Magnolias Boutique Resort at Lake Mabprachan, where you can enjoy a special slice of Korea in the heart of East Pattaya.

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‘Meeting the customers’ every need’

is the philosophy of the restaurant, showcasing a stunning selection of authentic Korean dishes with a modern twist, prepared with love, attention and detail, creating masterpieces for every taste, all within an elegant dining area with the best sunset-views over Lake Mabprachan. This is a restaurant that is honest, truthful, reliable and most importantly – everything they do is with integrity.

imported materials

With many raw materials imported from Korea, come along to sample this exciting and authentic, and not forgetting healthy, cuisine, such as handmade noodles and fried gyoza, delicious Kimchi, a wide range of BBQ and even some Chinese influenced dishes and Japanese sashimi. The head-chef is a Korean and has over 17 years’ experience, willing to create anything you desire to meet all your needs.

Traditional Dance and Music

Having amazing live music and shows with Korean girls wearing traditional Korean costumes and playing authentic live music, you can enjoy the beautiful sounds of the kayagum, which is a harp-like Korean instrument, and even a saxophone playing. The music and shows really are exciting and cannot be missed, providing the perfect company for your meal.

Weekend Drink Promotions & VIP Rooms

Every weekend, the restaurant will offer drink promotions on authentic bog bilberry wine, which for those who don’t know are a special berry only cultivated at high altitude in cold conditions such as on all year round snow-clad Mount Paektu, Korea.

The restaurant has some cool and chic VIP booths, where you can enjoy the food and karaoke with a smaller group of friends. You can also hire the restaurants for private functions and performances, which is especially great for larger groups.

Gold Card Membership

Enjoy discounts and lots of free promotions by purchasing a Gold Card membership for as little as 1,000 THB per year, which means you will be part of an exclusive club of people.

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4/6 M.9 Maprachan Reservoir,
Tambon Pong, Amphoe Banglamung,
20150 Chonburi,